Roast of Richard Carrier

All the Silly, Funny, Absurd Things the Godists and Jesusites (and others) Say About Him


This entry is about the funny things that theists happen to say about Richard Carrier in confrontation with his writings (link) or his talks in audio and video (link). Some of them are knee jerk reactions that perhaps could be excused and some of them certainly are not. I hope you guys can get a chuckle out of the slander! (Though I warn you: there's lots of language here that would never pass the Standards and Practices of the FCC or Motion Picture Association).

Richard Carrier: "For the first time, rather than being merely constantly pestered, I was being called names, and having hellfire wished upon me. It was a rude awakening." (link)

What the hay is he talking about?

J. D. Walters: "...Richard Carrier, notorious Internet atheist..." (link)

David Wood: "...the extreme childishness of some of his arguments..." "...we have seen that he hates Christianity, the Bible, and the idea of God. His reasoning ability has become the slave of this anger, this hatred. Anyone who looks at the life of Jesus and sees nothing but cruelty, violence, and evil has got a serious problem. It is a sign that atheism may be pathological after all." (link)

David Marshall: "Maybe he finds it [the Bible] childish precisely because he IS a child?" ... "Thinking it over, I realize that part of my critique of Carrier is, in fact, 'ad hominem,' and properly so." (link)

Sean D: "It's almost sounds like an argument given by a six year old. [...] Just goes to show you what stretch intelligent atheists go just to contain the rebellious sinning natures we all have, even to the point of unconscious idiocy." (link)

Summa: "Carrier is either insane, inane, or intoxicated. I don’t state that to be humorous; I state it is a matter of fact. The knife-edge narrowness of his self-serving paradigm is so transparent only a blustering fool or a man drunk with pride could miss it." "...such ignorant drivel..." "Like many deluded atheists, Carrier obviously spends far too much time admiring his own reflection..." (link)

C1ayne (Dan): "Carrier is more akin to a whining teenager, filled with bitterness and anger, with an overly inflated opinion of himself, who is more obnoxious than any sort of challenge." (link) (though the author of this quote recanted somewhat)

Mr. Jargon (William): [to the above quote] "You describe my own experience quite perfectly; I could have easily written these words myself." (link)

Steve Hays: "...his overweening self-confidence..." "Carrier is an intellectual toddler who thought he could splash around in the wading pool with external image z181215555.jpg his rubber ducky." "Carrier is a secular faith-healer who knows how to work the crowd of credulous unbelievers." (link) "I find it more than plausible that a man who was dabbling in the occult (Taoism) would leave himself wide open to the demonic—especially in the case of an apostate like Carrier. Those that pray to false gods become the devil’s prey." " opportunistic and unprincipled." " utterly gullible about the legend of Romulus." "Was Carrier on mushrooms when he wrote this?" "Carrier evinces his constitutional inability to read a passage in context" (link, on pages 185-193) "Carrier is such a fanatical unbeliever that he will affirm one thing for purposes of one theory, while denying the very same thing for purposes of another theory." (pg 250) "This is just one example of many of Carrier’s captious and fanatical unbelief. If he acted this way in ordinary life he wouldn’t have any friends left." "Carrier is such a clown." (pg. 253) "...incredibly inept." "As we’ve come to expect, Carrier’s case is based on selective sourcing, sloppy innuendo, self-contradiction, and dilettantism." (link) "And while one could (and should) dismiss [Steven] Carr as just another crackpot, he represents the same paranoia we find in Richard Carrier and Hector Avalos." (link)

The Refiner's Fire: "God tells us that those without the Holy Spirit cannot possibly understand the things of God and, judging from the things you've written, you definitely do not have the Holy Spirit living inside you." (link)

Mastermind: [making fun of John Loftus] "If Atlas carried the very heavens on his shoulders, have I not carried Richard Carrier's ego on mine?" (link)

J. P. Holding: "...Carrier's nascent snobbery..." "...Carrier's bigoted suggestion..." "Carrier merely includes these complaints as part of his bigoted and misogynist view of Christianity, which compels him to seek to undermine belief in it my any means possible, no matter how dishonest. Let us keep in mind that in the past we have repeatedly found Carrier guilty of presenting half-truths." "...guilty of gross incompetence..." (link) "years of witnessing Carrier's patent obfuscations and dishonesty" "...Carrier is in fact a 'quack'..." "His foolishness is so great..." "...highly hypocritical lack of courtesy by Carrier..." (link) "...we find that he did pad his response in order to increase his take..." "...because of the spectre of the Almighty Dollar." (link)

Metacrock: "Carrier is a pretencious idiot." (link)

Daniel Ventress: "Only two "scholars" alive think Jesus never existed and those two are Richard Carrier and Robert Price (who are notoriously dishonest and heavily slated for their counter-consensus views)." (link) "...he has to find support by citing [Richard Carrier] who even more of a pathological liar than himself." (link)

Derek_M: "What a slimy little punk Carrier is..." (link)

SciRPG: "...[Richard Carrier] is like a Used Car salesman." (link)

Grey Cloud: [to the above quote] "Yup. Talks fast, talks crap, name-drops, and totally misrepresents the views of those whose names he drops (Aristotle, Paul, etc). Or, as Steve Earle put it: 'It's called Snake Oil y'all, and it's been around for a very long time'." (link)

Tim O'Neill: "It seems Carrier has been living in the suffocating bubble of his own self-obsessed and self-congratulatory blog, with its attendant coterie
of fawning acolytes, for a bit too long. He was also pals with the loathsome oiks of the (so-called) “Rational Response Squad” before they self-destructed. As a result, the guy not only looks like Artie Ziff from The Simpsons but has taken on pretty much the same grating, nerdy personality." "The guy is a twat." (link)

Jime: "Probably, you're wondering how a person can post so ridiculous and fallacious arguments like the ones used by Carrier (and hope that the readers would be so stupid and credulous to swallow them)." "...the blinded arrogance of Carrier..." "Carrier's book is useful as a handbook of metaphysical naturalist's fallacies." (link)

Angela Kase: "I want to ask you who in the right mind hired Richard Carrier?" "Rcihard Carrier is an absentminded man that won't listen to anything anyone says." (link)

Nialler (atheist): "[Carrier is...] perfectly willing to whore himself for a few shillings..." "...he was engaging in a bout of academic prostitution..." "...he was whoring his acdemic achievments and debasing everything that a doctorate represents." "...Carrier is a dickhead." (link)

Sugriva (atheist): "Carrier is embarassing...," "Carrier is a cunt." (link)

Pavlov's Dog: "...this douche..." (link)

Rathpig: "Fuck Richard Carrier." "At this point he seems to be only a slightly more educated version of Rook Hawkins." "Fuck him and his $20,000 pony." "Fuck Richard Carrier." "The sun shines not from his ass." (link)

Dlx2: "I remember saying, about two months ago, he was a two-bit hack of a student. Look at me. Look at how right I was." (link)

Ben (me): " must be insane." (link)