Welcome to "The Richard Carrier Project"

This is an official site dedicated to cataloging and responding to critics of Dr. Richard Carrier's work in the fields of ancient history and modern philosophy, as well as correcting Dr. Carrier's errors when any are confirmed and improving his work accordingly. This site is fully endorsed by Dr. Carrier, but its content is written and created by fans of his work, with occasional advice and contributions by Dr. Carrier himself. The views expressed on this site might not always be his own (and when they aren't, often this will be stated), but he does take the trouble to verify that everything said here is at least arguable and not illogical or demonstrably false. If you think you've found an exception, feel free to contact the site manager. If you're right, corrections will be made. For more information about Dr. Carrier and his work see The Official Website of Richard Carrier, Ph.D..

This project is unlikely ever to be complete, but it will always be of use while in progress. Our primary catalogue is alphabetical by author (filed by the critic's name or pseudonym). A system of tags is available that allows browsing by subject or target piece. A search engine has been set up so as to allow a focused cross section of the entire network of debates on any issue. Be sure and follow our Twitter account and Facebook page for updates!